Peaches and Rey: March Animals of the Month

Meet Peaches and Rey.


Two silly and loving dogs who suddenly needed a home.

Peaches and Rey were our Animal Outreach of the Month pets in March. They were abandoned by their owner in Arizona, who didn't want them anymore and did not attempt to re-home them. 

Our nonprofit partner, Inspire and Flourish, was contacted to help save these homeless canines. The team reached out to their network to try and locate local help in Arizona. 

A rescue in Minnesota offered to help foster Peaches and Rey and find them homes.  Inspire and Flourish, in partnership with Mutt Mutt Engine, transported the dogs to Minnesota and found a foster for them. 

Peaches was a foster fail (meaning her foster family ended up permanently adopting her) and Rey went to the Northern Lakes Animal Rescue in their foster-to-adopt program. 

We are so happy to have been able to help these beautiful dogs find the forever homes they deserved.