Iris: February Animal of the Month

Meet Iris. 

great dane

Don't be fooled by her appearance. She is young and sassy at heart.

Iris is a four year old Great Dane who lives at The Great Dane Rescue and Sanctuary of Minnesota and Wisconsin, a sanctuary that gives homes to dogs that would otherwise be euthanized due to their temperament or illness.

Great Dane Rescue believes their rescue dog have lives worth living, regardless of their pasts or challenges.

Great Dane

To say Iris "puts up with the boys" is an understatement!  She's a bold go-getter who knows what she wants, and that's as many treats as possible.

"We noticed recently that she started to have some blood in her urine, which has been diagnosed as crystals in her urine that needs immediate prescription food for now, and possibly forever," said Karla Glob of Great Dane Rescue. "While we know the benefits of a prescription diet, when you have seven Danes to feed, the cost of a prescription diet becomes easily overwhelming."

In collaboration with our partner Inspire and Flourish, we were able to fund the cost of Iris's prescription food for the month.

Thank you for helping Iris get the care she needs!